Larry Mahan

6 Horse Panel Walker Larry Mahan

"I am a busy guy - a rancher - a horseman - a businessman. Managing time is a crucial element to success. My Priefert Panel 6 Horse Walker is an important part of my program - helping me to keep my horses fit, sound AND happy. The computerized programming is easy to operate... whether it's for a young horse, seasoned show horse or an old campaigner who needs exerciser.

This walker allows me to thoroughly warm up a horse before training/riding and afterwards, completely cool that horse down. It's also a very useful tool for working with young horses - introducing them to the saddle & bridle - allowing for a completely positive experience. Safety is obviously an important factor & when my horses are on this walker, I don't worry. It is constructed & designed with the utmost attention to detail - from the large individual stall areas to the skirted base to the misting & drag system that keeps the footing perfect. There is also a handy remote control device that allows me to change the direction or speed with a simple push of a button - while I'm horseback in the arena.

I highly recommend the Priefert Panel Walker - I won't ever be without one - it's a time & money saver. And best of all, it's made by Priefert - a family whose hard work, family values and excellence I greatly admire. From feeders, cattle working equipment, arena drags, gates, panels, roping chutes - if it says Priefert.. it's on my ranch!"

Chris Cox

"My Priefert walker is a great addition to my program. Without a doubt the best walker in the industry."

Speed Williams

Panel Walker Speed Williams "I will be the first to admit how much time my Priefert Panel Walker has saved me in the practice pen. As a team roper, you are taught that you only ride your horse in the left lead... To be successful, your horse has to be balanced. You have to warm your horse up in both the right lead and the left lead. With the Priefert Panel Walker, I have a program my horses go through to have them exercised for the same amount of time so I know they're warmed up properly. Then when I get on my horse, I just have to mess with him for a minute, get him backed off the bridle, and we're ready to go to work. It is a wonderful tool... I promise you will love the Priefert Panel Walker."

George Strait

Conditioning Walker George Strait "In today's fast paced world, time is a precious commodity. To keep my horses in shape so they are fit to compete often requires more time than I've got. The new remote controlled horse walker from Priefert is now making my life easier. Maintenance free, with no belts to burn, Priefert's horse walkers are conditioning my horses while I take care of more pressing matters."

Al Dunning

Panel Walkers Al Dunning "I did not realize the advantages of a panel walker until I bought a Priefert Panel Walker. It is a more natural way for my horses to be conditioned. They can buck, they can kick, and they can play, but there is nowhere for them to go. Since you are not pulling on their heads you reduce the chances of injury to their neck, legs, and hocks. Very important"