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"The remote controlled horse walker by Priefert has made my life easier" - George Strait

The World's Most Advanced Horse Walker

Everybody knows a well-conditioned horse performs better, behaves better, and is less prone to injury. However, keeping even a small group of horses well-conditioned is a full time job. With today’s busy schedules, it's hard to find the time to give your horses the exercise they need daily and hiring someone to do so is costly and risky. Not to mention that finding someone to exercise your horses without teaching them bad habits can be a challenge in itself. That's why a good horse walker is the safest, most affordable, and practical solution.

Priefert horse walkers are like no other on the market. Our walkers are virtually maintenance free, safe, attractive, durable and offer more options and benefits than any other walker, and all for a fraction of the cost hiring someone to help keep your horses fit. Hundreds of the top equine professionals around the world and in every equine discipline choose our horse walkers because the only thing more reliable than a Priefert Walker is the company that stands behind it.

Priefert Horse Panel Walker
Priefert Horse Lead Walker
Priefert Horse Conditioning Walker

A History of Excellence

For over 50 years, Priefert has lead and revolutionized the cattle and equine industries by introducing a variety of products that are durable, innovative and, most importantly, safe for the animal and the operator. Priefert products are used and endorsed by top equine and cattle handling professionals around the world, and by dozens of organizations like the PBR, the PRCA, the USTRC, and many others.

It is within that same tradition of excellence that Priefert proudly offers you the most advanced line of conditioning walkers on the market today. The brains behind the engineering and production of Priefert Horse Walkers have spent years testing and perfecting our unique design in our manufacturing facility and on Priefert Ranch. The Priefert family personally test and uses every product they build before sharing it with their friends around the world. That's why we say "Priefert is built by ranchers, for ranchers".

Priefert is America's #1 name in farm, ranch and rodeo....